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Hello World, but who am I?

January 12, 2019

An ethereal, slightly spontaneous introduction to Tae’lur

In my first blog post, I’ll go over a bit about my background and interests

Oh, and here’s a great quote from this Wikipedia on salted duck eggs.

Hey everyone! My name is Tae’lur Alexis. I am a Front-End Engineer as well as Founder of codeeveryday.io.

I am passionate about building accessible UI and my interests range from writing to bellydancing. I started a Twitch channel dedicated to livestreaming while studying a variety of JavaScript libraries and frameworks. I look forward to diving deep into GatsbyJS, React Native, Redux, NextJS, and building progressive web apps and chatbots.
I am also in the process of building my side project turned startup, codeeveryday.io. The startup is a platform dedicated to providing learning resources, curating a study plan based on needs and goals, and a way to find mentorship and get connected with startups.
My resolutions for the New Year

Chinese Salty Egg

Tae'lur Alexis

Written by Tae'lur Alexis who loves to code in bed with her non-existent life partner. You should follow HER on Twitter