Who Am I?

Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Tae’lur Alexis. I am an independent content creator and software developer based on the internet lol. I write code in JavaScript and Python. I dabble with Go for fun. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. If you’d like to read more about how I got into tech, check out my story on how I learned how to code and landed my first role.

My passion for creating content was born out of my experience learning how to code from a variety of online resources. I felt like I could add my own fresh perspective and explain code in a way people can understand. I often use anime/video game gifs and references as a way to showcase my own personality in tutorials. My goal is to make learning how to code accessible and fun.

What Do I Currently Do?

Ever since mid 2018, I’ve been working as a remote web developer. I have given several talks mainly centered on React & Accessibility. My current focus is centered on creating beginner-friendly tutorials on JavaScript, Git and Python. You can also find me on doing programming livestreams on twitch.tv.

When I’m not coding, you can most likely find me traveling (which of course I can’t currently do because of quarantine), learning how to acquire French as a second language and baking!

I’m available for contract and full time gigs, send me an email and let’s chat!

If you support my work and meaningful coding resources to the community, buy me a coffee or become a member of my Twitch!

Disclaimer: I only review and recommend coding resources that I’ve 1) personally used on my own off of sheer curiosity and 2) actually enjoyed. I don’t accept sponsorships or affiliate partnerships with companies I feel like go against my moral values and what I represent as a human and content creator. If the content isn’t quality, accessible and reasonable in pricing structure, I won’t support.