Hi, my name is Tae’lur Alexis and I am a Software Developer based in Jacksonville, Florida. I write coding tutorials on topics like command line, Git, and JavaScript. My motivation for creating content is based in my desire to make learning how to code accessible for everyone. I strive to just explain technical topics in a simpler way, with pretty awesome anime graphics ^_^.

I was never exposed to coding and did not know what computer science was until just a few years ago. I started my coding journey learning web development and eventually after documenting my progress on Twitter and building a portfolio, I landed a front-end developer role. I have since worked as a contract UI developer, working with React as well as Vue, but now I’m learning server-side development with Flask.

I livestream on Twitch frequently where I document my progress learning Python & Rust. My goal for 2021 is to get a better understanding of backend development and see where it takes me. When I’m not streaming or writing tutorials, I am working on CodeEveryday. CodeEveryday is an online platform I’m building to help connect developers from non-traditional backgrounds to jobs and help start their journeys into tech.

You can find my work on Codepen and Github.

If you’d like to support my content creation efforts, consider supporting me on Ko-Fi! All profits go towards putting time and effort into creating technical resources and the creation of CodeEveryday.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!